Revolving Loan and Grant Fund

Brownfields are properties that are abandoned or underutilized because of actual or perceived contamination. Whether the contamination is real or perceived, the redevelopment of these properties tends to be difficult and complex. The County's involvement in the cleanup of brownfield sites can be traced to 1996 when it received funding from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct a pilot project in select communities. The objective of the pilot project was to identify and assess potential brownfield sites within the Empowerment Zone, draft a redevelopment strategy, get the private sector involved in redeveloping these sites, and conduct environmental justice planning to mitigate the impact of these sites on affected communities. The current project builds on the experience gained in the pilot project and expands the scope to include the entire County.

The primary and immediate goal of this project is to identify and assess potential brownfield sites throughout the County. However, the County’s projected growth in population and jobs will require that every parcel of land available be developed to its highest and best use. Therefore the success of the Brownfield Redevelopment Project is imperative. The County needs land for housing, including affordable housing; for parks and green spaces; for schools and community centers; and for commercial and retail development. The identification and assessment of potential brownfield sites is the first step in the process of reclaiming and redeveloping properties that will help meet these needs.

Due to DeKalb County’s projected growth in population and jobs, efficiently redeveloping these – and every parcel of available land – is crucial.

As a result, Decide DeKalb administers these funds for Brownfield cleanups to those who qualify.

Click here for an informational sheet download. 

To obtain more detailed information about this program please submit your request via our online form

Success Story: East Decatur Greenway

Starting from what was once an abandoned gas station on a vacant strip of land in central DeKalb County this nonprofit came to Decide DeKalb with a vision of creating something special. In 2016 the organization submitted an application for grant funding to remediate the property at 890 S. Coulmbia Drive in Decatur. Following a year of dedicated work to remove old tanks and the soil they harmed, a buried car and multiple dumpsters of trash this piece of land is now a beautiful example of what is possible with the help of the Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund. To learn more about EDG please visit their site here

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